The Face & Fur of Senior Homelessness

A Buford senior arrived at Gwinnett County Animal Welfare (AWE) with his 14-year old dog after he had been evicted from his apartment. Through AWE and their rescue connections, foster care for the dog was arranged.  Gwinnett County Senior Services was made aware of the unique situation and they worked to find an emergency situation resolution for this senior. Immediate shelter at one of the extended stay hotels in Lawrenceville for seven days was confirmed when Friends of Gwinnett Seniors stepped up to fund this stay.

Gwinnett County Senior Services supplied the senior with an initial five days of meals from their Home-Delivered Meals program and began working with partners to plan for the senior’s future safety and well-being.

Without Friends of Gwinnett Seniors immediate assistance to help cover in this emergency situation, it is difficult to predict what would have become of this older adult and his furry companion.  Subsequently, the dilemma of the senior was shared on a rescue site’s social media and the response to help him and his dog was tremendous. 

Friends of Gwinnett Seniors is committed to dealing with the unintended consequences of senior homelessness, whether it is due to eviction, foreclosure, disorientation, or deterioration of living quarters. Not surprisingly, Friends of Gwinnett Seniors had just covered another week-long stay for a homeless senior who did not have a dog in tow, in addition to purchasing repair materials to keep three other seniors safely living in their homes, free from fear of fall or fire hazards.

You can pitch in to deal with senior homelessness at the ground level with your donation to Friends of Gwinnett Seniors.

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