General Grant Information

Who can Apply:

Friends of Gwinnett Seniors' grant application process is open to non-profit organizations or community based organizations serving seniors (age 55+) in Gwinnett county.  Eligible organizations can submit a grant application if they support seniors in the following areas:

  • Combating food insecurity
  • Supporting access to medical transportation
  • Providing emergency assistance
  • Promoting personal safety and well-being
  • Collaborating on home repairs and modifications


How to Apply:

Organizations seeking grant funding must complete a Friends of Gwinnett Seniors grant application in one of two ways:

Grant Application Instructions (NOTE: When completing the online application, it is best to open the document in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Other apps/programs may open it and allow you to complete, but may not allow all options or functionality – specifically, the “Submit” button to email may not work unless using an Adobe program.)

Your application must contain the following:

  • Description of your organization
  • Description of your proposed project or program
  • Goal of your proposed project or program
  • Specific funds being requested and how they will be used
  • Targeted population of your program
  • Financial information for organization
  • References

All applicants must complete the application and either email to:


                             Mail to:  Friends of Gwinnett Seniors, P.O. Box 1680, Lawrenceville, GA   30046


Timeline for Grants:

Grants will be awarded two times a year.  The deadlines for grant submission are:

    1. Grants received for Quarter 1 (Jan-March) deadline is March 31.

Quarter 1 grants are awarded in May.

Post Grant Report due 13 months of award of grant.


    1. Grants received Quarter 3 (July-Sept) deadline is September 30.

Quarter 3 grants are awarded in November.

Post Grant Report due 13 months of award of grant.


It is recommended you submit your application as early in the grant period as possible.  A submission of an application does not guarantee your organization will receive funds.  Friends of Gwinnett Seniors will not fund any programs in excess of $10,000.

Applications will be reviewed by the Grants Application Committee made up of Friends of Gwinnett Seniors board members.


Receiving a Grant:

If your organization is selected to receive a grant from Friends of Gwinnett Seniors, you will be required to sign a grant agreement. The agreement outlines the details of your proposed project and your responsibilities.   Click here to see a blank agreement.  This agreement must be signed before funds will be distributed to the organization.

If your organization is not selected to receive a grant, a notification email of the decision will be sent to the person on record with the organization.


Post Grant Report:

Organizations are required to submit a report on the funded program to include demographics of participants and use of funds along with a final report summarizing the outcome measurements within 13 months after receipt of the grant award.



Questions about the grant application process can be emailed to: