Things are Looking Different . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Am I in the Right Place?

You may be noticing some changes.
Exciting things are happening!
Friends is in the process of developing a new look!
Included with this new look will be a fresh, new website introduced later this year!!
But with this new look will be the same commitment to seniors in our community – and that is:
that all seniors in Gwinnett County will experience a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life in the home setting of their choice with easy access to transportation, health care, good nutrition, and opportunity to be active and visible participants in their community.

Our priorities will still include:

  • combating food insecurity
  • supporting access to medical transportation
  • providing emergency assistance
  • promoting personal safety and well-being
  • collaborating to make home repairs or modifications

You’re used to seeing this:
Friends logo

. . . . . but will begin seeing more of this:

You’re used to seeing this: FRIENDS
but will be seeing more of this: Friends

You’ve known us as:
Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services” (our legal name)
but will come to know us doing business as (DBA):
Friends of Gwinnett Seniors

This website:
will redirect to a new website later this year:

We appreciate our friends and followers and so are excited to share this news with you!

Be on the lookout – change is in the air!