Are you computer literate?  You may be now, but with technology changing so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up!  Seniors, in particular, find navigating the world of technology with all its innovations and developments challenging at best, if they attempt to navigate it at all.  With so many processes being moved online, seniors can easily find themselves unable to pay a bill, apply for a lost card, file a complaint or any number of activities that now are performed via the internet.  And then if they do go online, there is the whole other issue of staying safe and not becoming vulnerable to hackers or falling prey to thieves and scams.

Photo by Nathanael Coyne, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you have some technology know-how and enjoy teaching and helping others with this, would you consider using these skills to help a senior learn how to use their new ipad?  Or check their email?  Or update their security software?  Or configure their router?  The list goes on and on.  Contact us through the form on the right if you wish to help or just want more information.