Home Safety

Promoting personal safety among the aging population is a goal of Friends through the collaborative SeniorBSafe program, providing education and safety inspections in the areas of fall prevention and fire safety. These efforts include on-site home inspections for potential fall and fire hazards as well as smoke alarm installations, where needed.

New technology offers innovative products which can be purchased by Friends and installed by Gwinnett County Fire & Emergency Services personnel in seniors’ homes to help reduce fire risks. Some of these products include:

  • Smart Burner Sets which electronically control energy to burners, helping to prevent fires and save energy using a patented Temperature Limiting Control.
  • Microwave Sensors which attach to the outside of the microwave and utilize a patented Safe T Sensor™ to help prevent microwave fires and nuisance/false alarms by interrupting power to the microwave at the first sign of smoke.
  • Bed Shakers which attach to the bed and work with existing smoke detectors to receive the sound signal of the smoke alarm and trigger the bed shaker to rouse the hearing-compromised sleeping senior.

You may participate in supporting these safety efforts by contributing to purchase these items and completing the form to the right, selecting "Donate" from the dropdown box under "I would like to:" and completing the transaction at the bottom:

  • $100 for two microwave sensors
  • $200 for a smart burner set
  • $300 for two-bed shakers
  • $500 for 25 smoke alarms

Friends considers fall hazard elimination and fire prevention sound investments in the safety of our senior population.