Food Security

There are senior adults in Gwinnett County who experience food insecurity.  They don’t always know there will be food for them to eat next week — or even the next day.  Sometimes they find themselves having to choose between purchasing food to eat or purchasing their medication.  Sometimes they end up feeding their faithful companion, Fido (their dog), rather than themselves.

None of us would want to be a position of having to make those choices — or see our loved ones struggling to make those decisions.  There are those seniors whose resources have dwindled and whose families do not live geographically relevant to offer care and assistance with the needs of their aging members.

You can make a difference in seniors’ lives by volunteering to deliver meals to seniors’ homes, supporting the food bag program, or making a tax-deductible donation of:

  • $100 for a two-week supply of emergency meals
  • $200 for shelf-staple foods for the neediest
  • $650 for 3 months of home-delivered meals
  • $2,500 for a year of home-delivered meals